An artistic fusion of music and craftsmanship. 
Welcome To CelticHarps

Celtic Harps by Rick Stanley are custom-crafted by a harper who performs as well as he works the wood, so your original harp is exquisite in both tone and form. Each Celtic Harp is a one-of-a-kind instrument, made with your choice of woods, painting and ornamentation. These are harps you fall in love with for a lifetime.

All these harps are hand-built, one at a time by Rick Stanley who not only loves to create beautiful harps but is also a Harper/Singer with a lifetime of creating beautiful music.

"I build every harp one piece at a time as if it were going to be mine, as if I were going to play it."

Of course he does play every harp for as long as it takes for the new strings to stay in tune and for the soundboard to "belly out," just enough for maximum resonance and volume before he installs the sharping levers. Once the harp has been sent to its new owner Rick must begin work on the next harp or he begins to feel as if one of his children had left home for good, well almost! A friend may be gone but a new one is in the works as the creative juices start to work on his next labor of love.


Dear Rick,
Well - I finally have my beautiful little harp. I picked it up from Thomas yesterday. Rick, she's just beautiful! Did you add the beautiful round carved wood flowers or were they there before? I didn't notice them on the photo, but I sure love them. The craftsmanship, beautiful wood and resonant sound are just incredible. And I love how lightweight she is! I just had to write to thank you, Rick. I absolutely love the harp, and it was definitely worth waiting for. Thank you!!
- Paula

What we believe

"We believe in our beautiful creations and thrill to their celestial sounds every time we tune-up and break in a new member of our family of harps. Words can only inspire ephemeral thoughts and feelings, never the experience of running your finger over the strings and actually feeling the effect of all those harmonic overtones and sympathetic voices of octaves, resonating harmonious vibrations over your entire body and soul.

Sorry, I get a little carried away with my own fascination for the magic of the harp but I am
speaking from my own experience and from the reactions I have seen hundreds of people have to a simple strum of the strings on a well made harp.

I warranty all of my harps for structural integrity and workmanship for five years. Come, let's make some magic." 

- Rick Stanley (Maker)

A new harp
owner’s email:

Wow!!! I don't know how I've lived so many years without a harp. I can't even put into words how much I am enjoying it. My biggest problem is I can't make myself put it away at night and go to bed. I've got two hands going and putting broken chords with most of the music. Loving every minute of it! Thanks so much for all your hard work and for all the enthusiasm in that lesson. This is the first time I've been on the computer for two weeks. Does that tell you where I'm spending my time?
-L.S. Reasnor, Iowa

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